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(9 Solution) How to Fix iPhone Phone Call Failed Error?

It is a situation that will annoy us all when we have to talk to someone, even if those who have this problem do not worry about it in the normal process. In this article, we share the methods of resolving iPhone’s failed call failure. Some people encounter this error in the middle of the call before some call it.

The reasons for this are; low network shooting, the sim card is not inserted properly or may be a software problem ..


Methods for resolving the “Search failed” error;

Turn Airplane Mode On / Off;

I open my quick tools with screen scrolling. And I press the airplane icon once and activate Airplane Mode. Wait five seconds and then turn Airplane Mode back on.


Date and time

If the date and time have been set correctly, or if you have been in regions where other time zones are available, you can select different countries and so on. you may be facing this problem because your time zone has changed. To do so, activate the “Automatically Adjust” option.Öncelikle telefonumuzun Wifi Bağlantısnın olduğundan emin olacağız.
Then go to Settings >> General >> Date and Time. We activate the “Automatically Adjust” option.


* # 31 # Call

This is one of the iphone’s secret codes. You may have hidden your phone on incoming and outgoing calls without realizing it. As a matter of fact, this option will be disabled when you make this dial.

Manual; You can also check it by opening Settings >> Phone >> Show Caller ID and making sure that the button next to it turns green.


Holy Solution 🙂 Restart iPhone

Yes, though it is a customary solution. You should not hesitate to use this method, which is useful for many times. If you wish, turn off your iphone and wait for a while to turn it on or restart it.


Operator Settings Update

Operator Settings on the iPhone are all operators and Apple related settings, including network, call, cellular data, messaging, hotspot, and voicemail settings. Updating the iPhone Operator settings can solve the iPhone failed call problem. We will do as follows;

– Make sure you’re connected to the Internet

Go to Settings >> General >> About and check the version

– If the update is available, you will see the notification that it is in the latest version.


Reinsert SIM card

The “Call failed” error may be due to the fact that your sim card is not fully inserted, is experiencing contactlessness, or is worn or damaged. Remove the sim card and scratch, broken and so on. Let’s check if they are exposed to effects.

  • We can use it with a paper clip or SIM extraction tool.
  • We removed the SIM card using a paper clip.
  • Insert the SIM card in another smartphone and see if it works properly.
  • The other option is to install a different working SIM card in our iPhone and see if we still get a search failed error on the iPhone.


Call Your Operator

Call your operator if you have found damage to your card. Firstly after asking if there is a problem with the operator. Ask them to replace your sim card for damage.


Update IOS

Iphoneda can sometimes have software errors. As such, these errors are fixed or improved with new Iphone updates. So updating Iphon might be a way to solve our problem.

  • To prepare, make sure your iPhone is connected to a fixed (wifi) Internet connection and charged (at least 50%).
  • Settings >> General >> Software Update menus
  • If an update is available, your iPhone will be installed quickly to download.
  • When the update is ready, tap the “Install Now” button.

Reset All Settings

Other settings may also be affected. Your iphone will return to the default settings. Your data will not be deleted. Go to Settings >> General >> Reset >> Reset All Settings. After entering the password, select Reset All Settings to confirm.




Models included in this article: IPhone 4 , iPhone 4s , iPhone 5 , iPhone 5s , iPhone 6 , iPhone 6 Plus , iPhone 6s , iPhone 6s Artı , iPhone 7 , iPhone 7 Plus , iPhone SE

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