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Anthem Beginner Level Tactics

How to Play with Friends in Anthem You can get information about Javelin personalization and talent usage.

As Javelins are your vehicle to fight during the war, it is critical that you get to know it and adapt it to your style by recognizing its capabilities. But the first thing you should know is that you cannot have all the javelins immediately.

Javelin Unlocking;

After opening the first lock in Level 2, you are waiting for other stages.

2. Lock for level 8

3. Lock for level 16

4. Lock for level 26

Choosing Javelini to suit your fighting style

Colussus Javelin

It is in the tank category and is really strong in terms of defense capabilities. Thanks to its thick armor, it can protect its teammates by blending with its enemies. It is the only Javelin that can use strong weapons.

Interceptor Javelin

He is an agile and powerful close combat master. It’s a great choice for those who want to get away from the enemy by making fast-paced, decisive and sudden attacks with no enemy face.

Ranger Javelin

It is an excellent javelin that is versatile and compatible to suit any style. You can fight both close and long range. In any case, there will be something to save you in your ammunition.

Storm Javelin

It is very good in controlling long-range weapons and elements. If you want to fight off ice, fire and lightning skills, this is for you. Since this javelin armor is weak, you must fight as much as possible without approaching the enemy.

Hardware and Weapons

Thanks to the extensive customization options available through Forge, you can change your javelin to your liking. You can provide different changes, such as strengthening and optimizing the attack combinations of your hardware, accelerating the cooling process, increasing the effect of weapons, and flying longer.

Each javelin comes with attack and support equipment. Even if two weapons and six components can be used, not all of them are immediately available. As the game progresses, new levels and materials that are at different levels in terms of rarity etc. You’ll collect.

Materials, armor, expressions and vinyls all have different values:

Common (Ordinary)
After the missions, you should go to Forge to find out which equipment you are collecting to help you upgrade your equipment. These rare materials will surely make you ready for stronger enemies.

In time, your second weapon slot will be active and you will be able to use a second weapon. You can always switch between two weapons. It will be more practical to move to the second gun than to fill a gun when it is exhausted.

Abilities (Skills)

Each javelie has its own unique ability, but you’ll always need to charge it for you to use. In order to be able to charge safely, you can help your team to be protected during the war. Lowering your enemy and helping your team will also provide fast charging. When your skills bar is full, your first goal is to become the most powerful enemy.

If your health is less, it is better to use it in order to save your health by withdrawing instead of wasting a few ineffective rockets.

Traversal Basics (Travel)

In order to become a true master in Anthem, you should get a lot of experience in this vast world. Fly all over the world and defeat the enemies you encounter. You should think strategically about heat management to stay in the air longer. A waterfall or lake, etc., to cool your heated flight jets. Take advantage of this water by finding a place with water. Improving your flight is an important factor for strengthening your fight.

Triumph as One (for Success)

You may think you’re strong on your own. But remember that you are much stronger in an adventure with a team. If you still don’t have a team, you can switch to the Anthem matching platform. With Freeplay you can explore this world. With battles and missions, you will increase your pleasure from the game.

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