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Anthem Colossus Javelin Capabilities, Weapons and Hardware Features

As Cusse, we are examining our largest Javelin.

If you want to destroy a small army in a row with cannon fights, this agar war machine is just for you.
Although all Javelins are equipped with two weapons, this is the most durable javelin that can use heavy weapons.

Focus (Odak) > Resilience (Esneklik)
Offense Style (Saldırı Tarzı) > Multi-Target(Çok Hedef)
Defense Move (Savunma Hareketi) > Shield(Kalkan)
Jump Type (Atlama Türü) > Rocket(Roket)
Playstyle (Oyun Tarzı) > Heavy-Hitting Tank (Ağır Vurma Tankı)


Flame Thrower  : All the things that come up against the flame …

High Explosive Mortar : Throw a powerful bullets to destroy a small area full of enemies.


High Explosive Mortar : Throw a powerful bullets to destroy a small area full

of enemies.

Burst Mortar : You can shred everything in the field by dropping balls in a large area.
Firewall Mortar : You can set fire to the battlefield with a huge flame wall.
Lightning Coil : It emits an electric current that targets a random enemy.


Siege Artillery : With this classic piece of equipment, you can launch a heavy rocket to your enemies.
Flame Thrower  : It raises the temperature of the environment with a continuous burst of pure fire.
Flak Cannon  : Defeat your enemies with short-range scattered shots.
Railgun : Throws kinetic projectiles that are destructive to the enemy
Venom Spitter : Shoots a large number of acid into the enemy.



Battle Cry : Reduce the basic and physical resistance of your enemies and draw all your attention.
Shield Pulse : It gives resistance to damage to friends.

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