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Anthem Ranger Javelin Capabilities, Weapons and Hardware Features

In this article, we will give Ranger Javeli a description of the weapons he uses in his article.

Ranger Javelin is known for its versatility. It has a lot of skills in terms of attack and defense.

Focus > Versatility
Offense Style > Single-Target
Defense Move > Dash
Jump Type > Double
Playstyle > Soldier



Kendine Has Yetenekleri;

Shock Mace :  It is a lightning stick that can be used during the melee.
Multi-Target Missile Battery  :  It’s a weapon you can pit dozens of missiles at once.



Frag Grenade :
Causes a large explosion in a large area.
Inferno Grenade  :
Fights your enemies with flames.
Frost Grenade :
You can freeze your enemies.
Seeker Grenades  :
After taking off, it turns into missiles for multiple enemies.
Sticky Grenade  :
It locks on the enemy and makes a terrific effect.




Seeking Missile :
From the moment he was taken, he follows his enemy.
Pulse Blast  :
Creates a large burst of energy on a single target.
Spark Beam :

An energy that gives permanent damage to everything it contacts emits an energy beam.
Venom Darts  :
Burning acid.
Blast Missile :

It hurts everything around it.


Bulwark Point  :
His teammates will be safe in this area.
Muster Point:
If your teammates are in this area, attack damage will increase.

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