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Anthem Tips: 10 tips for a professional start

Here you will find the tips you need to survive in the wide and dangerous world of BioWare. Thanks to this guide you can quickly adapt to the game and quickly increase your level by throwing your novice as soon as possible. Knowing where to do it will make the game more playable and enjoyable.

1. Be careful when collecting your items

At the end of the expedition you will see a list of the weapons, equipment and spoils you have collected. This is where you have to be careful. Because salvage (salvage), and Quit options are seen and salvage ”Rescue görülmek option in Anthem territory means değerlendirmek collecting or leaving as everywhere Çünkü. Something you might lose here may cause you not to be able to improve your skills, so that you cannot jump fast. You have to know how to use it and be careful.

2. Try different Javelins and installations

Your first choice of javelin may not meet your expectations. For this reason, you can try different javelins and equipment to balance the pleasure you get from the game. As the level increases and your equipment increases, the pleasure will be increased. However, we recommend that you do not keep your expectations high while your level is low. The same applies to weapons. Hand grenades are presented as an additional selection in other games, while Anthemde grenade is used in the main category of weapons. Shooter rifle is mainly designed for single shot. Shooter rifle is a good choice if you don’t dizzy 🙂

3. Switch to the social platform to get together with your friend

While in single player mode, you can play along with your friends in your game. For this you need to add your friends by providing a transition to the social platform. When everyone is ready, you can embark on an open world adventure with your team.


4. Do not panic if the game is not loaded!

A common error encountered in the demo version. The game upload bar comes to 95% and stops. Although you will be annoyed when you leave the game, it will ask if you want to re-enter the current ongoing time when you re-enter the game. If your friends continue to play you can be back again.

5. Choose two good guns so your can fly quickly

As seen in the demo version, the amount of ammunition is quite low. Of course, this situation will change as the level increases in the main game. But we advise you to make sure that you’re protecting your ammunition and picking up good weapons. You can find a lot of ammo around here. However, enemies can be found in violent attacks and sometimes it can be difficult to kill enemies. For these reasons, the ammunition does not mean that the plurality of the ammunition is unreasonable.

6. Be sure to remember supplies and supplies

With the materials you collect in the open world, you can produce things like shields, armor and damage. Don’t miss out on the stones or strange looking plants and other resources that you encounter during the tour. In this respect, we recall Gothic.

7. With the map screen, you can exit a discovery trip at any time

After completing the tasks you need to do, you can go out at any time by pressing and holding Square / B to go to and out of the map screen. Once you’re out, you can review what you’ve collected.


8. How will you solve the illuminated puzzle in the Chamber of Manifold Chamber?

The game is a puzzle you will meet in one of the houses and you will not see a sign of what to do. There are three colored platforms and you have to set each platform to open the door. Of course, if you do not want to lose time, the combination should be as follows;

Left portal = Red.

Right Portal = Orange.

Near the Right Portal = Purple

9. Personalize Your Javelin

There is a Forge in Fort Tarsis where you can customize your javelin to embark on an expedition. With this platform you can make changes to your javelin with new armors, weapons or paints.

10. Approach rivers and waterfalls to cool your javelie

As you rise to the sky, you will notice the heat of the javely. If you fly close to the rivers and lakes, the temperature of the javelin will begin to drop.


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