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Beko Dishwasher D3 3001 SY Maintenance – Cleaning – Troubleshooting Instructions

Regular cleaning will prolong the life of the product and reduce common problems.

Unplug the machine and close the tap before cleaning the machine.
Do not use abrasive materials when cleaning.
Clean the filters and impellers at least once a week for efficient machine operation.

Cleaning the External Surface of the Machine

Gently wipe the outside of your machine and the door seals with a gentle cleaning agent and a damp cloth. Only wipe the Control Panel with a slightly damp cloth.


Cleaning the Inside of the Machine

  • Clean the inside of the machine and the hopper by running a pre-wash without detergent or a long wash program with detergent, depending on the contamination.
  • If water remains in the machine, perform the procedure in “Canceling the program” to drain the water from the machine. If water cannot be drained, remove dirt particles that have accumulated on the bottom of the machine and blocked the water path.

Cleaning the Filters

Clean the filters at least once a week for efficient machine operation. Check that there are no leftovers on the filters. If any food remains, remove the filters and clean thoroughly under the tap.

  1. Unscrew microfilter (3) and coarse (2) anti-clockwise filter assembly and remove (A)
  2. Pull the metal / plastic filter (1) out of position (B).
  3. Remove the coarse filter from the assembly by pressing the two lugs on the coarse filter inwards (C).
  4. Clean all three filters with a brush under the tap.
  5. Replace the metal / plastic filter.
  6. Insert the coarse filter into the microfilter. Make sure it fits correctly. Turn clockwise until you hear a click.

The machine must not be used without filter.

Failure to install the filters correctly will reduce washing efficiency.

Hose Filter Cleaning

Dirt (sand, clay, rust, etc.) that may come from the city network or your water installation is prevented by the filter in the water inlet hose. Inspect the filter and hose from time to time and clean if necessary.

  1. Close the tap and remove the hose.
  2. Clean the filter under the tap after removing it from the hose.
  3. Replace the cleaned filter in the hose.
  4. Connect the hose to the tap.

Propeller Cleaning

Clean the propellers at least once a week for efficient machine operation.

Lower Propeller

Check that the holes in the lower propeller (1) are not blocked. If there is a blockage, remove and clean the impeller. You can remove the lower propeller by pulling it upwards (A, B).

Upper Propeller

Check that the holes in the upper propeller (2) are not blocked. If there is a blockage, remove and clean the impeller. You can remove the upper impeller by turning the nut to the left (C, D). Be sure to fully tighten the nut when installing the upper impeller.


Sorun Giderme – Makine Çalışmıyor.

  • The power plug may not be inserted. >>> Check that the power plug is connected.
  • The fuse may have blown. >>> Check the fuses in your home.
  • Water may not be coming. >>> Make sure the water inlet tap is open.
  • The door of the machine may be open. >>> Be sure to close the machine door.
  • The On / Off button may not have been pressed. >>> Be sure to turn on the machine by pressing the On / Off button.
  • Filters may be clogged. >>> Make sure that the water inlet hose and the filters on your machine are not clogged.

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