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Canon eos camera error codes and solutions

As I mentioned in my previous articles, time lapse technique
It is a technique that exhausts our DSLR machines. Therefore, it is very likely that we will see error codes on the machines we use. So as far as I know, I’m starting to tell you about the error codes that can be found on Canon machines.

Note: This error code job is a bit complicated. Errors that you receive often do not indicate a certain thing. So when you get an error, you should look for a few solutions. Do not go to technical service immediately.

Err01 – Communication problem between lens and body

We receive this error as a result of non-contact in the nails that allow communication between the lens and the body. Separate the body and lens, clean the nails (with a soft eraser) and try again. You may also encounter this error sometimes when the shutter expires.

Err02 – Memory card problem

Your memory card may be corrupted, or there may be problems with the nails on the memory card or body. Try with another memory card, see if you insert the memory card correctly.

Err04 – Memory card full

Your memory card is full or corrupted. Empty the memory drive or try with another card.

Err05 – Flash problem

Indicates a problem that has occurred with the external or internal flash you are using.

Err06 – Sensor cleaning problem

The sensor indicates a problem that has occurred during the cleaning process. Turn the device off and on again, if the problem persists, go to technical service.

Err10 – Memory card problem

The device cannot write to the memory card, or corrupted file, corrupted memory card. Try with another card.

Err20 – Mechanical failure

Indicates the failure of the mechanical structures that have occurred in the device. Switch off and on again, if no solution, go to technical service.

Err22 – Memory card problem

The card may not be fully seated, or it may be defective. Replace the card, if it does not correct, go to technical service.

Err30 – Shutter failure

Shutter related mechanical or electronic malfunction.

Err40 – Power supply / battery failure

You will get this error with defective batteries rather than weak batteries. Try with another battery.

Err50 – Electronic fault

Indicates a malfunction in the electronics of the device. Switch off and on, replace the battery. If not, go to technical service.

Err51 – Playback error

This error code is displayed when the device cannot display photos on the memory card. If the card may be corrupted, try with another card.

Err70 – Error writing image

Your device has detected a problem writing to the memory card. There may be a simple memory card failure or a serious failure.

Err81 – Mirror error

Indicates a problem that has occurred in the mirror. Turn it off and on, if it does not go to the technical service.

Err82 – Internal flash error

Problem when the built-in flash on the device cannot be charged. Turn off and on, check the battery.

Err83 – Internal flash error

If pop-up flash issues occur, try turning it off and on again.

Err84 – Lens communication problem

Indicates a communication problem between the lens and the body. Clean the attachment tabs with a soft eraser and try again.

Err99 – Shutter!

Shutter life may indicate exhausted.

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