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Can’t get printouts help? (Solution)

If you are sending printouts but not printing, the solutions are as follows;


Method 1

Click the small icons in the lower-right corner of your computer, and, if necessary, click the small arrow to find the printer icon and click on it.
You will see the printer print queue.
Right-click on the document in the queue
Select Cancel

Method 2

Check if your Windows user account is authorized

If you do not have the privilege to log off and log in as your “Administrator” user, try canceling it again as in Method 1.

Method 3

If your printer has a USB port, disconnect the cable from your computer and reconnect it.

Method 4

If the printer has a queue clear key, try it.

Method 5

Restart the computer if the previous solutions did not work.

Method 6

Disconnect the printer from both the computer and the wall outlet.
Try backing it again.

Method 7

Finally, I can almost say a definite solution;

My Computer Yereldisk (C) Windows system32 spool PRINTERS

The PRINTERS folder maintains a list of all documents sent to the printer. If you delete the files here, the problem will be solved.

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