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(Fix) My Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Keyboard Does Not Work – How to Fix It?

We may all be having problems with our electronic devices. But there is one truth that we need to know is that you will be playing … the device without any problems. We will sometimes face software problems and sometimes hardware problems. We’ll solve our Samsung Galaxy Note 5 keyboard problem simply.

Here are some possible ways to solve our Galaxy Note 5 keyboard problem:

Phone Restart Method

First we have to press the power and volume down button completely for ten seconds.
Our device will shut down.
Let’s wait a few seconds and turn it back on.
At this stage, the problem is likely to be solved
If a phone is running continuously without rebooting for more than Two Hundred hours, this will affect the healthy operation of many applications and features.

Clearing the Keyboard Application Cache

When the Samsung keyboard doesn’t work, we can try clearing the cache and keyboard application data.

From the main screen, enter the “Applications” menu.
We go to Settings> Applications manager> All tab.
All applications listed ..
We tap “clear cache” to enter the keyboard application and delete the cached data.
When you tap Clear data, the entry details, settings, and so on. All information in the application such as is deleted.

Let’s try the keyboard Does the keyboard on Galaxy Note 5 not work and the problem is solved?

Updating the device and keyboard application

In this method, we will check the updates of our android device. Update packages generally contain new fixes. If there is a hardware or software problem detected, the antidote to correct it is available in these updates. If we do not use the latest version of our keyboard application, we must first update the version and upgrade.
To do this, we need to click the menu icon on the left side of our Search Box in the Google Play Store, and from there we will enter the My Apps and Games menu. These menus can be seen in the visual. If there is an update of our keyboard application here, let’s send it.

Boot Device in safe mode

Not always the problem in practice. We can solve the problem with safe mode.

Turn off the device completely
We need to hold down the power button for a few seconds and it will show Galaxy Note 5 on the screen. Release the on / off key and press the volume down key.
We keep holding until the phone restarts. Once complete, safe mode will be displayed in the lower left corner of the screen.

Now the result is that if our keyboard is working properly in safe mode, there is a problem with one of the applications. Don’t worry, let’s think about when our keyboard problem starts. When the problem starts we will test the keyboard by removing the applications we have installed. Has the problem improved? If not, there is no despair! Fortunately, no hope! We can reset the phone to Factory settings.

Restore the device to factory settings

First of all, it should be noted that everything on your device will be deleted and the phone will be reset. If we back up our files, we cannot recover photos, videos and so on. Here are the steps to reset to factory settings:

Go to settings
Then Backup and Reset
Tap Factory Reset> Reset device> Delete all.

I hope your problem is solved. I’m already curious about your comments.


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