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How is Anthem raised fast? 5 tips to become Level 30 in a short time

With this guide, you will be able to quickly reach level 30 instead of trying to understand the game for a long time. In a short time you will increase your pleasure from the game by throwing your amateur away.

The level of the game in the game will not be as easy as playing the story of the game. When you finish the story of the game you will probably be in level 20s. This means that you should be able to use 10 levels to turn javelin into a really usable killing machine. Because you will unlock the Grandmaster 3. This stage is an important turning point. Because you will get Epic, Legendary and Masterwork weapons from Anthem treasure chests and win World Activity awards. Therefore, if you want to reach the 30th level as quickly as possible, we recommend to listen to this guide.

1. Always Play with Team

There may be a lone wolf lying in his heart. But if you want to see a fast and ample increase in XP, you should consider playing with a team. Basically, when you complete a task with you on your team how many people will win so much XP. An important detail to remember; We recommend that you keep your game mode public. (Not private)


2. Select Difficult Raising Anthem Difficulty Setting

Yes you can worry when you first hear. All you have to think about is adopting how your javelin’s talents work and trying to use it as better as possible. Of course the result will be more XP. In some story missions you can face more enemies. Also, as we said in the previous article, you will see that you are paired with high-level players to help you if you are active with others. So be the Relax 🙂

3. Analyze Your Hero Features Well

When playing Anthem, you’ll see the challenges that come up frequently, such as enlivening your teammates, doing mass deaths, and applying successful combinations. Therefore, every time you complete the XP you won’t forget. To be able to analyze what you need to do, go to your inventory and review our mastery. If you evaluate the task according to your mastery. You’ll quickly get a step on leveling. Quickplay markings can be made.


4. Perform Legendary contracts

Confirm legendary contracts called legendary contracts if you are getting more XP gathered. You can see them as a purple icon on the map. After that you will have to win Xp by killing all the enemies you need to do. These contracts will appear as new ones.

5. QuickPlay XP Great Place to Win

With this option, you can find yourself on any mission or castle. You can earn XP  tasks.


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