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How to add a link to the story in Instagram?

While browsing Instagram stories, we’ll explore how to redirect a user to a web page through a link that we see in some stories, especially in the stories of their business accounts.

Who Can Add Links to Your Story?

Unfortunately, instagram does not open this feature to all users.
In order to use this linking feature;

– Your personal account must be verified.

– You must have at least ten thousand followers.

Why Use Connection?

By attracting the attention of your audience with stories, you provide traffic to your site through the scroll link.

You can easily attract the attention of your customers with stories and then direct them to a web page or sales page where you can give more detailed information. In this way, you will have a tighter connection with your customers and increase your sales.

How to Add a Link to the Story?

If you meet the requirements for adding a link, you can:

– Press the Add Story button.

– Above you will see the Add link button. Click this button.

– Choose URL or IGTV Video URL, which will appear two options.

– Paste the address you want to link to which web page and complete the process.

– Press the Story button in the lower right corner of the screen to have it published.

– Now when you check your story you will see a scroll icon.

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