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How to Personalize Anthem Javelin?

Everyone has a unique style and the need for the javelin to be personalized. Anthem is very flexible to personalize your javelins. You can customize everything from the colors to the design of your dress.

You can also benefit from the practical video at the end of the article while reading the article.

From Fort Tarsis or the Launch Bay, you can access the Forge to do this from the View menu at the top of the screen.

The left panel shows which parts of your armor you can change.

It should not be forgotten that changes on the armor will affect your appearance and will not provide any additional power to your javelin.

From the right panel you can change the appearance and animation of the pieces of armor;

Wear state

What is Vinyls (Vinyl)?

They are unique patterns that you can apply to your armor in order to gain a unique look. Using these patterns can make your javelin look impressive in the game, or if you have won this pattern as a result of a task, it will be a sign of your success.

Wear State

You may want your javelin to appear as if they had survived battles. Then you can add javelin to this option, add stains. And many more options …

Materials and Paints

This option is for you to change the texture of your armor. With these materials you can replace your metal look with your skin. Changes the complete javel in a compatible way.

You’re free to change color. In addition to countless color options, there is also a color palette where you can get a color tone. (This option is available in the lower right corner of the screen.)


This way you can choose your actions.

Arrival Animation – The animation you will always see when you first enter the game.
Victory pose (Victory Pose) – A show of joy at the end of the quest.
Three emotes – A three-body language expression that allows you to quickly communicate with friends during discovery.
If you like the design you created, it is possible to save it under a special name.

The starters of the new game have a default look. But the materials you will get during discoveries, etc. You can change your view over time by collecting new arts.

Materials, armor, expressions and vinyls all have different values:


If you like Javelin Iron man etc. If you want to convert to different designs or share your designs with other people, you can visit the design section of the forum —> Javelin Design<—

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