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How to Play with Friends at Anthem

Here you can find what you need to do to meet friends or set up teams.

Anthem To Play With Your Friends;

It’s easy to get together with your friends in missions or castles. Go to the ini Social ın platform and invite Oyuncu Friends “to enter Oyuncu Friends“ and search for your friend’s name. If everyone’s okay, you can start working. A feature you will love very much; If your friend is on a mission, you can help him / her by continuing the adventure with your friend with the option of mac Reinforce Friend arkadaş.

If you have no friends online, no problem;

If you need a friend to play together, enter the ız Social Oyuncu menu to see a list of players the system can recommend to you and press ve Invite Player ”then activate“ Recommended. Iz Select your good name and invite your team You can use the rastgele Expedition ”option from the“ Quickplay için screen to perform random tasks with other players playing at levels of equal difficulty.

To Leave Your Team;

You may want to leave your team after the task is completed. Go to the in Social ”>“ Squad ”screen. And select “Leave Squad üzerine to see your username. You’ve left the team.


Your friends and anyone you’ve played with before will appear on the alliance screen and get an opportunity to win an extra prize every week. When your Xpsi alliance system of your first five friends in your friends list is reset, it can turn into Coins for you every week. The more you play with your friends, the more awards you will win.

The stronger you are, the more powerful you are with your team. Develop strategies with your team in such areas as weapons, armor, attack plan. Always be in touch with the microphone and headset.

You can also watch a practical video of what is described in the article;

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