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How to resolve “AndroidManifest file does not exist” error in Visual Studio Xamarin?

Visual Studio 2017 Xamarin Mono Game installation is one of the compilation errors I encountered after installation. I’ll help you to solve it in a simple way.

Error: AndroidManifest file does not exist


Open the Project> projectname Properties menu.

Click the Android Notifications menu on the left.

In the right panel you will see a warning like this: “Create your AndroidManifest.xml file”

Clicking this warning will create the necessary file and avoid the compilation error.

If this error is out;

Error: not found


Select Project> Project Properties> Compile> Improve Code. you’ll probably be able to run sdky at least without problems.


Error: Unfortunately *Application Name* has stopped



Project> Project name Properties> Android Options
Disable the Use Shared Runtime option here.
Disable Use Fast Deployment.


Project> Project name Properties> Android Options> Advanced
In the Supported Architectures list, check all the boxes that open.


Footnote: This solution article can improve over time.

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