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Practical Information for Laundry, Clothes Dirt

Shoe polish:

The stain should be gently scraped before the fabric is destroyed, rubbed with detergent and rinsed. If it does not, it should be rubbed by placing 1 part of pure alcohol (96˚) in 2 parts of water and then washed with warm water.

Tea and coffee:

Stretch the stained area of your laundry into a container mouth and pour enough hot water on it to withstand the type of fabric. If your type of laundry is appropriate, wash with bleach.

Chocolate and cocoa:

After pressing your laundry in cold water, rubbing it with soap or detergent, wash at the temperature your fabric type can withstand. If there is still oil stain, wipe with oxygenated water (3%).

Tomato paste:

After scraping the dried parts in a way that will not damage your clothes, press in cold water for 30 minutes, rub and wash with detergent. Broth-egg: Remove any dried stains from your laundry and wipe with a soft sponge or soft cloth soaked in cold water. Rub with detergent and wash with diluted bleach.

Grease and oil stain:

First remove the remnants. Rub the stain with detergent and wash with warm soapy water.


First apply glycerin to the stained area. Rub with detergent and then wash. If stain is not removed, wipe with alcohol. (1 part alcohol and 2 parts water mixture should be used in synthetic and colored fabrics)

Blood stain:

Soak your laundry in cold water for 30 minutes. If there is no stain, immerse in a mixture of water and ammonia (3 tablespoons of ammonia in 4 liters of water) for 30 minutes.

Cream, ice cream and milk:

Press your laundry into cold water and scrub the stained area with detergent. If there is no stain, apply a suitable amount of bleach to the fabric of your laundry. (Do not use bleach on colored laundry.)


Mold stains should be removed as soon as possible. The stain should be washed with detergent water, if not, wipe with oxygenated water (3%). Ink: Hold the stained area under cold water and wait until ink water has run out. Then rub with lemon water and detergent, wait 5 minutes and then wash.


Stretch the stained part of your laundry into a container mouth and pour cold water on it. Do not pour hot water on the stain. Wipe with cold water and apply glycerin. Wait 1-2 hours and rinse by wiping with a few drops of white vinegar.

Weed stain:

Rub the stained part with detergent. If your fabric is of the type that can be used as bleach, wash with bleach. Rub your woolen clothes with alcohol. (Mix 1 part pure alcohol and 2 part water for color)

Oil paint:

The stain should be removed by thinner before it dries. Then scrub with detergent and wash.

Burn spot:

If your laundry is suitable to use bleach, you can add bleach to the wash water. For the wool, a cloth dipped in oxygen water should be covered over the stain and ironed with a dry cloth. Wash thoroughly after rinsing.



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