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QR Code and NFC Tag Comparison

While the usage area of the QR Code in our lives is expanding and being loved very much, the NFC, which is spoken in low voice, is not yet known and used because of its narrow usage area. Do you think the QR Code and NFC replaces someone? If you ask me, they are very good technologies that can work in many areas. This article was written to indicate the differences between the two. Of course, they have superiorities in different areas. It seems that within a few years NFC; markets, metrobus, tram, in our homes, private vehicles and many more will come across us.

QR Code

  • Once created and cannot be changed again.
  • During scanning, the phone camera should focus on the QR Code.
  • QR codes may be corrupted or contaminated. Partial contamination and degradability may continue to be readable. However, it cannot be used after complete deterioration and contamination.
  • An additional scanning program is required for the scanning process.
  • QR Code scanning program opening and scanning the code can be done in two steps.
  • For the presentation, a visual consisting of squares is required. And it can’t be changed but it can be colored and embellished with small logo things.
  • The cost is low. You will have a budget that will generate more QR Codes.
  • Camera and QR code can be installed on every phone application can be seen.
  • The environment should be bright. The camera flash is used as a precaution. But this means additional energy consumption.
  • There are serious gaps in security.




  • You can assign new commands instead of the assigned commands at any time.
  • Just zoom in on your phone’s NFC zone to the label.
  • As it can be camouflaged, there is less risk of deterioration and contamination.
  • There is no need for a program for reading. You can sweep as long as the NFC feature is active.
  • You can quickly read your phone in a practical way. .
  • Even if there is an obstacle between the chip and the phone, you can camouflage it as you wish, as it can make contact. (Picture labels, etc.)
  • Cost is higher than QR Code.
  • The phone must be NFC compliant.
  • Ambient light is not important. Because NFC is a digital technology.
  • It is safe. And the tag command assignment mode can be locked.

How to generate QR Code?

  • First you need a Qr Code generator application. (Qrafter, QR Reader etc.)
  • Let’s open the page of the process we want to make. For example, let’s create a QR Code that redirects to
  • As mentioned above, we are writing our link on the “Url” page. We produce QR Code.
  • We can now use the generated QR Code as we wish. Remove it from the printer or publish it digitally.
  • For example, the QR Code generated when writing this article is below. Try scanning.


How to Assign NFC Tags ?

  • You must first supply a printable NFC label and download the application to your phone. (Ex. NFC Tools etc.)
  • You can use NFC on your phone; Settings – Connections.
  • Go to the Write Tab and select the ready scripts that are opened with Add Record.
  • For example, select URL / URI and type the address of the site to be redirected when the tag is read
  • When you press OK button, a button like Write / 18 Bytes will appear. (Tells you how many bytes the command you are typing)
  • After clicking this button, bring the Nfc zone of the phone closer to the label and the command transfer process will be completed.
  • We recommend that you do not forget to Encrypt your NFC Tag against rewriting.
  • You can read your NFC tag in the ready state.


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