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Tips and Tricks: Anthem Interceptor Javelin

This article provides information about the skills, skills and combo information that can be used in Interceptor Javelib.

This Javelin is small, elegant and agile. It is widely preferred because of its ability to make reconnaissance and a sensitive assassin. Even though it doesn’t seem scary, it’s a unique javelin to shoot. You can quickly approach your enemies and fight back.

Interceptor javelin one of the main weapons of double-bladed daggers (Double-Blade Daggers) and you can create a series of stroke chain, you can download successive blows to the enemy.

With this javelin you can create a killing machine with the right combinations.

Three Hardware Configuration Options;

Assault Systems – Cluster Mines, Cryo Glaive, Searching Glaive, Spark Dash, and Venom Bomb

Strike Systems – Detonating Strike, Plasma Star, Tempest Strike, Venom Spray, and Wraith Strike

Support Systems – Rally Cry and Target Beacon

If you select the hardware that supports each other, you can even cope with the toughest enemy. For example; With Venom Bomb and Cryo Glaive you can take your enemies under control and with your powerful combination with Tempest Strike you can dust your enemies.

Assassins parç You can cut everything in front of you with your Blades. Moreover, your javelin will not be damaged.

Keep in mind the dominance of this javely and keep moving. If the javelin is damaged, it will accelerate the recovery if you are constantly moving or flying.

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