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Tips and Tricks: Anthem Storm Javelin

This article provides information about the skills, skills and combo that can be used in Storm Javeli.

Using this Javelini that brings Raiden in the mortal combination, you can give your enemy an electric shock, fire or freeze. It is an indispensable character of the teams as the area dominates.

Storm can stand in the air during the battle. With this feature, it can eliminate powerful attacks from above by watching enemy forces. Although all Javelins quickly warm up the jets during the flight, Storm’s jets become more slow to warm up, making them fly more in the air.

Of course it would be inevitable to go down eventually. But you can freeze your enemy and prevent them from attacking you and save time.

Three Hardware Configuration Options;

Blast Seals; Lightning Strike, Ice Storm, Flame Burst, Ice Blast, and Living Flame

Focus Seals – Frost Shards, Burning Orb, Shock Burst, Glacial Spear, and Arc Burst

Support Seals – Wind Wall and Quickening Field

If you want to make a scary combination; If you start with Shock Burst, you can even target the enemy behind obstacles. Once you have hit your enemy, you can hunt off with Lightning Strike, one of Storm’s highly damaging weapons.

Storm has the skills to create the best domain compared to other Javelins. With Elemental Storm you can create a storm force that can clear a group of enemies.

It is not the best in terms of defense, although we have stated that it is the best in many areas. When you choose this javelin, we recommend that you do not get into the middle of the crowds in a low-level pool. Please note that you can use this Javeli from above.

You’ll be in a very valuable position in the team as you master the skill and control of Storm. If you want to complete challenging tasks you should choose this Javelini.

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