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Tips and Tricks: Anthem Travel Guide

In this article we will talk about how you can jump, swim or how you can fly while traveling in Anthem.

You may think that you do not need a guide to travel. But new lands, animals etc. you may change your mind.

Each javelin has a number of unique abilities. It is an important detail to gain mastery in the battles you will encounter.

Jumping (Jumping)

The thrust of your javelin will give you a simple leap. If you want to go to the skies, you will need support power. Use your Javelin to jump through the slits and highs and enjoy the game.

Ranger Javelin: With this you can jump twice over obstacles or to get close to your enemies.

Interceptor Javelin: Javelin is incredibly agile and can do three serial jumps.

Storm Javelin: You can fly to high post-jump to observe the battlefield.

Colossus Javelin: The main thrusters are jumping on the counter and capturing extra performance with double jump.


We all wanted to fly. The game offers you a nice flight experience. You can fly over the forests or get into the sky. You will also have tasks to do.

Fly is also vital in wars except for making discoveries and collecting material. Freelancers know how to fly during the battle to destroy the enemy or to prepare for the plan with his team-mates.


No matter how much you love to fly, seamless flight is not possible. There are jets on each javelie. However, during the flight of these jets to warm up and not cool down the javelin cause. the javelin which closes the flesh falls and needs some time to fly again.

Of course, this warming problem has a solution. Your jets are heated by a bar on the screen. Your jets will cool down if you fly close to a stream or waterfall or lake before going into overheating. So you can rise again and return to the battlefield.


Javelin jumping or flying javelin have the ability to stop in the air. In this way, you can make observations, develop better tactical plans and prepare your team. You can also use your weapons when you are hanging in the air.

But there is a disadvantage; When a javelin hangs in the air, he receives more damage than during his attacks. Therefore, those who care about this feature can choose Storm. Because Storm can stay in the air for a longer period of time and take less damage.


What you can see is that just running in the soil or flying cannot mean that your enemies or available resources will only be seen here. Seas or lakes etc. they are not only involved in the game in terms of beauty but they also contain important underwater passageways. If you want to experience a higher level of adventure, you should try swimming.

Although Javelin jets are running, it is possible to enter the water. In this way, you will find a solution to the problem of overheating.

Defensive Maneuvers (Defense Maneuvers)

Your first strategy is to select the right javelini. Every javelie has an ability to fight and fight during the war.

The condition for mastering to defend is to replicate it continuously;

Ranger can do a quick line maneuver
The Interceptor can make a triple line and allow it to enter inside to attack an enemy and then retreat.
Storm can be irradiated for a short distance to escape from enemies.
Colossus can form a shield that prevents damage.
You can also see all these operations through video;

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