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Total War Series Cheats Rome-Medieval-Empire-Shogun-Barbarian

Medieval II: Total War

Codes to help generals

apothecary  	For more children.
bard 	Morale and Popularity Adds
drillmaster 	+25% movement, discounted unit purchase
brilliant_inventor 	+30 construction area, +1 agriculture, 20% mining income bonus
doctor 	For more children, the injured increases the chances of recovery.
scribe_ancillary 	Adds Authority and Income Bonuses
mentor 	Increases Command
foodtaster 	Increases Personal Security
tutor 	Increases Religiousness and Trade Income
bodyguard 	Increased Personal Security, Decreasing Popularity
swordbearer 	Increases Hit Points and Personal Safety
shieldbearer 	Increases Hit Points, Decreases Morale

Apies ve Assassins için aşağıdaki seçenekleri kullanın:

dancer  	Adds +2 agent's ability
catamite 	Adds +1 agent's ability
courtesan 	Adds +1 agent's ability
pickpocket 	Adds +1 agent's ability
GoodSpy 5 	For +1-5 spying ability
GoodAssassin 5 	For +1-5 spell skills
GoodSaboteur 3 	+1-3 for the sabotage ability of the assassin

Medieval: Total War Cheats

You can apply the following cheats while on the big map;
.deadringer.         1,000,000 Florins to win
.badgerbunny.        All Units and Buildings Unlock
.mefoundsomeau.      Brings Gold to All Your Provinces
.mefoundsomeag.      Brings Silver to All Your Provinces
.mefoundsomecu.      Copper Gains in All Your Cities
.viagra.             Gain Iron in All Your Cities
.worksundays.        Completes Construction Quickly
.matteosatroni.      Full Map
.conan.              You'll be rebellious (irreversible)

NOTE: Just type the cheats on the map, a box will not appear.

Rome: Total War Cheats

Cheat codes to be written on the console;

bestbuy                            To make your units 10% cheaper

add_money 40000      To produce as much money as you want

toggle_fow                    Turns off the fog of war

Rome Total War Barbarian Cheats

jericho                            To knock down the enemy’s walls

add_money 40000      To produce as much money as you want

Empire: Total War Cheats

process_cq “settlement name”                    The buildings in the construction queue of the settlement will be completed.


Shogun 2: Total War Cheats

Codes that can be written on the map screen;
.matteosartori or .daggins	   Full map
.muchkoku	                   Unlimited KOkU
.prototypearmy	                   For unlimited army life
.ifoundsomecu	                   Copper adds to all provinces
.viagra	                           Ammo can be built in the next round.
.mefoundsomeau	                   To earn gold
.mefoundsomeag	                   To win silver
.mefoundsomecu	                   To earn copper
.spylookahead	                   Kills any person without dying
.booyakasha	                   For faster unit and building construction ..

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