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What are the causes, consequences, and solutions of Internet slowness?


(Causes, Results, Solutions)

In this article, we will go to the source of the slowdown problem on the internet and examine the causes, consequences and solutions of the slowdown. There is not a single reason for slow connection to the Internet. Even though the infrastructure of our internet provider is good, we use it on our computer; browser, plug-in, program and hardware arguments can cause our internet to slow down. And time is a very important and valuable concept in this age, especially for us people. Well;

What Causes Slowness?

  1. Your internet provider’s lack of infrastructure in your area
  2. Heavy traffic from your Internet provider
  3. A number of viruses on your computer.
  4. Infected or added viruses and add-ons to your browser (Web Browser; Chrome, Firefox, IE).
  5. Some of the programs running on your computer that consume your RAM and run low on your computer
  6. Automatic update by any of the programs installed on your computer
  7. Damage, weakness, or non-contact in your Internet cable or in the connector’s connector (terminal connection thing)
  8. Connected site traffic density or server quality
  9. Any current attack on the linked site
  10. Reduced speed (mbps) as a result of exceeding the quota set by your Internet provider.
  11. Current infrastructure works throughout the country
  12. The modem is warmed up or the speed is low
  13. Quality of your splitter hardware used in cable doubling
  14. The connection speed of wireless modems and the number of meters that can be reached
  15. Wall redundancy between modem and user (valid for low speed wireless modems)
  16. Do not delete your browser’s history, cache, cookies, and inheritance files on your computer.
  17. Poor quality multiplexers
  18. Your modem channel and speed selection may be incorrect.



What are the consequences of slowness?

  1. Slow loading of video
  2. Link to pages slowly
  3. Deceleration in file downloads
  4. Deceleration in searches
  5. Slow uploading to the Internet
  6. LAGs in virtual games, disconnect
  7. Poor quality video in video chat, cuts, falling out of chat and late arrival of sound
  8. There may be problems sending mail
  9. Time out of the page when connecting to the site
  10. And of course the damage these problems cause in our mood! Never forget you 🙂




What are the solutions for Internet slowness and the precautions that can be taken?

  1. Refresh your computer if the ramie is low (with higher gigabytes) or make sure it is fully inserted
  2. I recommend using antivirus programs that will not tire your computer (It should be light but effective). Eset Nod32, Avast, ComboFix etc.)
  3. Clear your browser’s cache, cookies, and remnant files every two days. (Suggestion Software; YAC, CCleaner etc.)
  4. If you use wired internet;
    1. Ensure that your cable and modem are of good quality.
    2. Ensure that the connector on the Cable End is properly formed
    3. The length of the cable and the addition of the cable
    4. To keep your modem in a place where it
    5. Using quality switches and
    6. You should pay attention to minimize Internet distribution.
  5. If you use wireless internet;
    1. The quality and connectivity of your modem
    2. Distance between modem and user
    3. You should pay attention to keep your modem in a place where it will heat up a little.
    4. You can use a signal booster (Access Point).
  6. You should choose your internet provider well (whichever you choose, you should search and choose the best one because the infrastructure in our country is certain)
  7. If you have applied the above and you think the problem is with your internet provider. Either change your internet provider or ask them to provide you with a new service.
  8. In order to select your modem channel correctly, download WifiAnalyzer program from google play to your phone and determine the wireless channels used in your vicinity. You can use the least used channel. The most preferred and efficient channels are channels 3, 11, 13.
  9. If your modem is 5GHz, select 20/40 MHz here and if it is 2.5GHz, only 20 MHz.


Questions Answered;

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  • How do I remove Internet-infected viruses?
  • Why should I remove malicious add-ons from my browser?
  • Why should I delete my browser’s cache, cookies, and history?
  • Things to consider when connecting to the Internet?
  • Why do I get a time-out error on some sites?
  • Which modem channel should be used?
  • How and to determine the modem speed?

Hopefully the article has been informative enough. Please do not skimp your comments. I wish you all health and happiness.


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