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What is Cloud Gaming? How to use ? What are the Supported Devices?

What is Cloud Gaming?

Cloud Gaming is the name given to the technology that allows games hosted on a server to be played by remote access users on a computer or any device without downloading / installing. What makes this service important is that high quality games can be played comfortably on computers with low hardware.

Technology is developing rapidly. We all witnessed how the games we started to get acquainted with pixelated graphics evolved over time. Now, games with realistic graphics are replaced by the games played. Therefore, as the game quality increases, the hardware of the user computers (ram and graphics card etc.) must be sufficient for the game to be played. However, if you have a fast and high-quality internet in “cloud gaming”, the hardware features of the device you use are not a decisive factor. By communicating with the server through the internet, you can play even the most king game wherever you are.

What are sample games that can be played with Cloud Gaming?

Mount & Blade – With Fire & Sword,  Gta 5,  Fortnite 2 , Truck Simulator and many other games ..

Which devices can connect to cloud game servers?

Laptop, Desktop , Android Telefon,  Mac, Shield Tv can be connected from devices.

What are Cloud Gaming Services?

Known technology giant companies continue their research and development activities in this field. The platforms they currently offer to users have started to be published.

GeForce Now

Gevidce Now, published by Invidia, excited the players.

You can now play all games with a free (90 Days) free membership. But you may have to wait for a game turn. If you want to continue to receive service, you can continue as a premium for 5 euros per year.

You can download the GeForce Now platform here and become a member and start playing.


Azure PlayFab

It provides a platform for game developers to develop games and offer them live. This service, owned by Microsoft, is free for developers but offers extra support.

Click here to access Acure PlayFab.

Google Stadia

Google tarafından yine sunucu üzerineden oyunlar oynamamızı sağlayan bir platform. İki aylık bir deneme aboneliği mevcut fakat henüz Türkiyede kullanılamamaktadır.

Şuan için hizmet sunduğu ülkeler ;

  • Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States

A platform by Google that allows us to play games on the server. A two-month trial subscription is available but is not yet available in Turkey.

The countries that it provides services for now are;

Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States

Click here to access Google Stadia.


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