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What is PubG’s mobile gaming and menu slowness solution?

PubG mobile is perhaps the most played of recent times and a game that we can really enjoy. But some users complain that the game freezes. Of course, the game freezes also reduces the pleasure of the game. Of course, the game is slow and your phone can not meet the system requirements of the game, etc. There are many reasons. But we will focus on a different reason.


Since the phone runs out of charge faster than normal when gaming and internet are on, users activate the battery saving mode. If you think that battery saving mode has to do with the game’s cascade, let me tell you right away. One of the methods that the battery saving mode uses is to reduce the CPU speed and slow down is inevitable as the necessary needs of the game are not met.


You must either put your phone out of battery saving mode.
Or you must disable the Cpu speed limitation when enabling battery saving mode. So you’ll be able to play Pubgyi without experiencing slowness.

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