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What is the Story of Anthem Game?

Anthem offers much more than a video game. Developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts is a role-playing game. Anthem is designed as a sci-fi game that describes the future far away. A wide world is waiting for players to be involved with the internet connection. Although the gameplay type is designated FPS, it has different abilities than the classic games in the same category.

Casey Hudson coded the acak Dylan oyun project with BioWare to bring the idea of ​​the game into a breakthrough in video games. Casey Hudson is not an exaggeration to make such a claim. Because having a professional team is a big advantage. Mass Effect’s three series has completed and this is a great success with the team has made a serious sale gives him great confidence.

Game Story
In a world that has not yet come to an end, humanity struggles to survive in a wild environment full of various threats. With four different armor called Javelin, Freelancer named our fighters trying to translate the balance into the favor of humanity.

There are four types of Javelin in the game;

  •  Ranger Javelin
  • Colossus Javelin
  • Interceptor Javelin
  • Storm Javelin

You can fight in the game, you can navigate, you can do given tasks. You’ll have to play as a group with your game friends just as you are playing the processes alone. You will earn respectability points as you perform tasks. It is possible to customize your javelin. Style v logo etc. changes can be provided. A guide similar to the Turkish name Haluk will not be overlooked 🙂

Besides being playable on computers, it also supports platforms like PS4 and Xbox.

You can watch the story of the game by the producer;

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