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Which is the Best Javelin in Anthem? Which one should I choose first?

You should review this guide if you are curious about Javelin’s abilities and which one is better than each other.

The first thing you will be asked to do when you start the game is to choose a Javelin. Certainly this means that Javelin is the best. But if you are in doubt about which Javelini to choose, this guide will help you. Because it is important to make the right decision for Javelin, which you will use throughout the game. We have reviewed the best javelini in this article for you.

As you know, there are 4 Javelin;

4. Ranger Javelin

Although you are the first Javelin to be available in Anthem, you should get away from the Ranger as soon as you are outside of a certain pattern. Although he is a versatile expert in the basic sense, he is not an expert in any field. What makes Rangeri the best; The ability to defeat multiple enemies with fast and destructive missiles. If you choose this Javelini, you should be able to use these versatile features. For example, you can configure these capabilities to turn into a killing machine;

Pulse Blast or Missiles (Frost Grenade or Inferno Grenades)

You can watch this javeline-specific gameplay video to get to know Ranger Javelini better;


3. Colossus Javelin


Are you a man who gets stronger as he suffers? So this Javelin is definitely for you. Your goal is to swing your enemy with brute force and absorb the thrown oneself (this could be a fire ball from a Wyvern or a frost bolt from Dominion). You can fire an extremely powerful cannon blasts that can break even your biggest enemy. But the biggest disadvantage is that Ordnance and Heavy Assault Launchers are slightly inadequate compared to the capabilities of Interceptor or Storm.

Watch this javeline-specific gameplay video to get to know Colossus Javelini better;


2. Interceptor

If you are someone who loves detail, you should recognize the Interceptor. Javelin is the fastest in my work. Aerodynamics will make this javelin very close to your enemies. The ability to escape and attack has developed. In this way, Ani can rise to the attacks and melee with the enemy can defeat.

You can watch this javeline special gameplay video to get to know Interceptor Javelini better;

1. Storm

The point where these javelins are concentrated is that the basic attacks are focused on the sphere of influence and that they can move for a long time by strengthening the shield. You can bomb the enemies from above. With Blast and Focus Seals, you can burn or freeze half of the battlefield within a few seconds. Basically, it has a much wider range of destructive features than the Ranger and is renewed faster than the Colossus. It is also quite robust and has better armor than Interceptor. It’s the best choice to deal with Anthem’s gangs and give high levels of damage.

You can also share with us in the comment section which Javelini why you choose.


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